Life Happens Bundle (Puppy)

Includes: Advanced Anti-Diarrhea & Advanced Pad Protection



Any seasoned parent will tell you the same thing, "As a new parent, you need to be ready for anything" - and the same rings true for pet parents!

It's always a good idea to be prepared for injured paw pads and the all-too-common diarrhea spells.

Although a dog's paw pad is made up of 5 layers of skin, that skin hasn't had time to toughen up, nor is it expecting this many new adventures so early in life! And as for what your puppy might find and eat during those adventures - well let's just say sometimes you're better off not knowing.

Vets Preferred safe, natural Advanced Pad Protection & Advanced Anti-Diarrhea has you covered, so your pup can get right back out there and keep exploring! 

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