Peak Performance Bundle (Senior)

Includes: Advanced Milk Rx Supplement & Advanced Joint Support (Senior Formula)



Just like with people, dogs are what they eat. But unlike people, they don’t get to decide what they put in their bodies - that responsibility falls on us.

And just like people food, dog food doesn’t always contain the necessary nutrients needed to support a healthy diet…

Help maintain lean muscle mass, strong bones, and fight off disease with the help of our Advanced Milk Rx Supplement! It’s perfect for even the pickiest of dogs!

As your dog ages, their immune system can weaken, making them more prone to disease and other ailments. Our Advanced Milk Rx Supplement helps solve that.

And don’t forget to ease their joint stiffness & pain with our Advanced Joint Support - Senior Formula.

Give your dog the nourishment they need so you can keep their tails wagging well into their Golden Years. 

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