Preferred by Veterinarians

Our Story

At Vets Preferred we believe nutrition is the key to a pet’s health and happiness. But unfortunately many commercial pet foods are little better than fast food. They are made for convenience, rather than nutrition and are cooked at such high temperatures that all the good proteins, vitamins, and minerals are destroyed and replaced with low-quality alternatives.

Over the last couple of decades there’s been a big rise in the number of pets suffering from obesity, diabetes, kidney problems, heart disease, and other serious illnesses. Research is quickly revealing that it is low quality pet food that is to blame.

Vets Preferred’s mission is to plug the gap between the nutrition in pet food and what pets really need to be fit, healthy, and happy. Our vet formulated supplements are made right here in the USA from 100% natural ingredients and contain the optimum level of vitamins and minerals.  

Since launching, we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reviews and feedback we’ve had from people who’ve noticed an improvement in their pet’s energy levels, mobility, and all-around health. This feedback provides us with the encouragement needed to keep putting money back into research so you and your pet can live a happier, longer life together.

We are pet owners just like you, so you can rest assured knowing we have your pet’s best interest in mind when creating these products. Our goal is to empower you to be the best pet parent out there - so go make all of the other pet owners jealous and enjoy the limited time you have with your furry friend!