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Does Your Dog Suffer from One or More of the Following...

Joint Pain / Mobility Issues

If your poor little pooch is suffering from joint pain, look no further. Our complete line of joint support products assist with both preventative treatment and curative care for those with pets already suffering from joint pain.

Unless you enjoy spending money on expensive surgeries, shots, and prescription medications, we recommend getting started on a plan sooner rather than later. Avoid those high vet bills by implementing a preventative or curative care routine before it's too late!

Bad Breath / Gum Disease

If your dog suffers from bad breath, it might be time to try our Advanced Oral Care. For those short on time that shudder at the thought of having to tie their dog down to clean their teeth, this is the perfect solution.

Does that mean you no longer have to worry about brushing their teeth? Absolutely not!

Believe it or not, you should be brushing your dog's teeth just as often as you brush your own. That's why we carry a great tasting water additive (think mouthwash) and enzymatic toothpaste.

Dry, Itchy Skin / Dull Coat

Does your dog suffer from dry, itchy skin? Are you embarrassed by their dull, coarse coat?

Our Premium Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil will relieve their itching, help prevent excessive shedding & dandruff, and give their coat the healthy, glowing look you crave. We hope you're ready for all of the compliments you'll be receiving!

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