Eye Wash for Dogs

If your dog suffers from red and runny eyes, you’ll know what a task washing them out can be. Use the VetsPreferred Eye Wash to keep their eyes clear and healthy year-round.
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What's Inside?
30 Day Money-Back Guarantee


Gentle and antiseptic

Great for red and runny eyes or mucus build-up

Safe and Effective Formula

Tried and tested in the USA

Suitable for daily use

Relieve allergy symptoms and moisturize dry eyes

Removes dirt, debris, and irritants

Steer clear of chronic irritation and infections caused by foreign particles like pollen, dust, and dirt

Goodbye, tear stains!

Breaks and dissolves crust and discharge

Made in the USA

Produced in a GMP-certified facility, to ensure its optimum quality and safety.

Gabrielle Kerlee

“I got this for my two male pups, 1 and 2 years old. My dogs have bad allergies, this was a recommend supplement on many websites to help due to an ingredient in it. Now it has many benefits just for healthy growth anyways. Both my dogs love this I give it to them a few different ways. One way is I leave it in powder mode and just mix it in their dry food. Another way is plain sugar free yogurt a good scoop of it mixed in, and lastly I make frozen yogurt treats so I'll mix it in the yogurt and put it in ice cube molds so they have a puppy popsicle later. I really recommend this for the actual use but also dog allergies, it helps my dogs.”

Jenny K.

“This product was an important and valuable part of my senior dog's end-of-life care. My dog developed sepsis from severe gallbladder/liver disease and wasn't eating. Our vet gave us some other brand of recovery fluid, but the calorie density of that one was so low, I searched for something that would provide more energy and found this. My dog liked the taste of it, and I was able to provide her daily nutrition via syringe feeding until it was time for her to cross the rainbow bridge. I'm grateful we had this product.”

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My dog has sensitive eyes, is this product safe for them?

Yes, this formula was created specifically to help dogs with sensitive eyes.

Can the Eye Wash be used to flush out debris?

Yes, use a steady stream until removed.

Is this safe for everyday use?

Yes, apply 2-3 drops per eye to help relieve irritated eyes